Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Last Episode 58 – January 26 2013

Ques6 for Rs1,60,000: Which of these vice president of India was earlier chief minister of his state?
A) Zakir Hussain B) V V Giri C) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat D) R Venkalaraman
Ans is C) Bhairon Singh Shekhawat
Ques: Which of these terms is used for a state of political hostility characterized by threats or propaganda between countries?
A) Summer War B) Cold War C) Rainy War D) Spring War
Ans is B) Cold War
Ques: In 2011, who replaced Gary Kirsten as the coach of the Indian Test cricket team?
A) Dav Whatmore B) John Wright C) Duncan Fletcher D) Gerg Chappel
Ans is C) Duncan Fletcher
Ques: Who founded the political party National People’s Party(NPP) in January 2013?
A) Amar Singh B) B S Yeddyurappa C) P A Sangama D) Keshubhai Patel
Ans is C) P A Sangama
Ques: During the start of his political life, Sher Shah Suri was the ‘jagirdar’ of which place?
A) Rohtak B) Sasaram C) Mathua D) Darbhaga
Ans is B) Sasaram
Ques: Which state or UT of India is divided into four districts – all named after the four cardinal directories?
A) Sikkim B) Goa C) Manipur D) Chandigarh
Ans is A) Sikkim
Ques: Who holds the record of being elected to the Lok Sabha for the most number of terms?
A) Atal Bihari Vajpayee B) Indrajit Gupta C) PM Sayeed D) Babu Jagjivan Ram
Ans is B) Indrajit Gupt
Ques7 for Rs3,20,000: What was the name of Jain tirtankar Mahavira’s wife?
A) Devaki B) Rohini C) Subhadra D) Yashoda
Ans is D) Yashoda
Ques 10 for 25,00,000: Which of these Indian currency notes does not have the special geometrical shape that helps the visually impaired denominations?
A) Rs 100 B) Rs 50 C) Rs 1000 D) Rs10
Ans D) Rs 10
Ques : Starting from the northernmost , arrange these capital cities in clockwise direction .
A. Mumbai B. Kolkatta C. Delhi D. Chennai
Ques : What is the meaning of the Hindi proverb “Sitti pitti gum hona” ?
A. To dance B. To get Scared C. To Scream D. To get angry
Ques : Which of these items is also known as “Sigdi” ?
A. Razai B. Jooti C. Angeethi D. Hukka
Ques : Emulsion, primer and undercoat are all terms connected with what ?
A. Painting B. Knitting C. Sewing D. Cooking
AnsL A. Painting
Ques : Which of these is the name for a kind of shot in badminton ?
A. Bounce B. Yorker C. Drop D. Bout
Ans: C.Drop

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 57 – January 25 2013

GBBJ Question from 20/01/2013 (Friday)
Q: If you are driving “Chappu ” , Then It mean that you are traveling with……?
Option : A) bail Gadi (Bullock Cart) B) Tanga ( carriage ) C) Doli D) Naav (Boat )
Ans: D) Naav (Boat )
 Q3,20,000: Which is the least populated state of India?
A) Manipur B) Arunachal Pradesh C) Sikkim D) Goa
Ans is C) Sikkim

Q6,40,000: Who wrote the poem ‘Hum Panchi Unmukt Gagan Ke’?
A) Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman’ B) Ayodhya Singh Upadhyay ‘Hariaudh’ C) Suryakanth Tripathi ‘Nirala’ D) Jayshankar Prasad
Ans is A) Shivmangal Singh ‘Suman’
Ques for Rs12,50,000: In which edition of the Olympics did women participate for the first time?
A) Paris, 1900 B) London, 1908 C) Antwerp, 1920 D) Berlin, 1916
Ans is A) Paris, 1900
Ques for Rs25,00,000: Which of these did Bimbisara, the king of Magadha, get as dowry on marrying the daughter of the king of Kosala?
A) Pataliputra B) Kashi C) Anga D) Vaisali
Ans is B) Kashi
Ques for Rs50,00,000: Who amount these was the first lady Air Marshal of the Indian Air Force?
A)Lakshmi Sehgal B)Padmavathy Bandopadhyay C)Nirmala Kannan D)Puneeta Arora
Ans is B)Padmavathy Bandopadh
Ques4 for Rs40,000: Who is the singer of ‘Pi’s Lullby, the Oscar-nominated song from the movie ‘Life of Pi’?
A) Mahalakshmi Iyer B) K S Chithra C) Bombay Jayashri D) Suchitra
Ans is C) Bombay Jayashri
Ques5 for Rs80,000: With reference to genetics, which of these would best describe DNA and RNA?
A) Base B) Acid C) Salt D) Metal
Ans is B) Acid
Ques7 for Rs3,20,000: After which of these personalities, one time Lieutenant Governor of Punjab, is a suburb in Dharamshala named?
A) Lord Dalhousie B) Sir Donald McLeod C) Sir Edward Bames D) Lord Lansdowne
Ans is B) Sir Donald McLeod
Ques8 for Rs6,40,000: Kaiser-i-Hind, found mostly in Nepal and the north-eastern part of India, is a rare species of which type of organism?
A) Fish B) Butterfly C) Bee D) Lizard
Ans is B) Butterfly
Ques9 for Rs12,50,000: According to the Mahabharata, which of these characters got married through a swayamvara?
A) Madri B) Gandhari C) Kunti D) Satyavati
Ans is C) Kunti

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 56 – January 20 2013

GBBJ Question from 20/01/2013 (Sunday)
Sanskrit Shabd “Himalaya” ka shabdhik arth hota hai. “_____” ka Asthan?
The sanskrit word “Himalaya” means “The place of ____”?
A) Devata B) Barf C) Hindu D) Tapasaya
Ans is B) Barf (Ice)
Ques : Arrange these words in the correct order to form the starting line of a popular bhajan ?
A. Mere B. Girdhar C. To D. Gopal
Ans : ACBD
Ques : Which of these numbers is used before the word “Shringar” to describe a fully beautiful women ?
A. Chhattees B. Solah C. Chhappan D. Gyarah
Ans : B. Solah
Ques : Which part of “Pudina” plant is normally used to make “pudina chutney” ?
A. Seed B. Flower C. Root D. Leaves
Ans: D.Leaves
Ques : Whose different forms are “Shailputri”, “Brahmcharani” and “Chandraghanta” ?
A. Rati B. Ganga C. Durga D. Menaka
Ans: C.Durga
Ques: Which of these names means ‘lightning’?
A) Saumaya B) Damani C) Shreya D) Mahima
Ans :B) Damani
Ques: Which of these words can refer to ‘a fairly low temperature’ or ‘fashionably’ or impressive?
A) Met B) Wow C) Chic D) Cool
Ans: D) Cool
Ques: Which of these names means ‘gold-like’?
A) Sonakshi B) Sonam C) Sumita D) Sanjana
Ans: B) Sonam which means gold eye or beautiful.
Ques: Which of these brands of pens is named after highest peak in Western Europe?
A) Reynolds B) Montblanc C) Faber-Castell D) Sheaffer
Ans: B) Montblanc
Ques: What does the ‘F’ stands for in the Motorsports popularly known as F1?
A) Fast B) Force C) Formula D) Fly
Ans: C) Formula
Ques: Which of these is the name of an island as well as a type of coffee?
A) Mocha B) Arabica C) Java D) Oolong
Ans is C) Java
Ques: Which of these personalities is known as the ‘Flying Sikh’?
A) Gurbachan Singh Randhawa B) Harbhajan Singh C) Navjot Singh Sidhu D) Mikha Singh
Ans is D) Milkha Singh
Ques: Which actor played the title role of ”Agent Vinod” in the 1977 film of the same name?
A) Mahendra Sandhu B) Vinod Mehra C) Vinod Khanna D) Navin Nischol
Ans is A) Mahendra Sandhu

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 55 – January 18 2013

GBBJ Question from 19/01/2013 (Saturday)
Thanedar yani thane ke pramukh se kya kaha jata hai?
Which of the following mean head of Police Station “Thanedaar ” ?
A) Kirani B) Hawaldar C) Daroga D) Munshi
Ans: C) Daroga
 4(40,000): What do the five rings of the Olympics represent?
A) Five games b) Five languages C) Five continents D) Five oceans
Ans : C) Five continents
The Olympic symbol represents the union of the five regions of the world and the meeting of athletes from throughout the world at the Olympic Games. However, no continent is represented by any specific ring. Prior to 1951, the official handbook stated that each color corresponded to a particular continent: blue for Europe, yellow for Asia, black for Africa, green for Australia and Oceania and red for America (North and South considered as a single continent)
6(1,60,000): Lockjaw is a symptom of which of these disease?
A) Tetanus B) Cholera C) Plague D) Diphtheria
Ans is A) Tetanus
7(Rs 3,20,000): Bharatpur Bird Century was named Keoladeo Ghana National Park after a temple dedicated to which God or Goddess?
A) Kali B) Yama C) Kuber D) Shiva
Ans: D) Shiva
The sanctuary was created 250 years ago and is named after a Keoladeo (Shiva) temple within its boundaries. Initially, it was a natural depression; and was flooded after the Ajan Bund was constructed by Maharaja Suraj Mal, the then ruler of the princely state of Bharatpur, between 1726–1763.
8(6,40,000): With which religion would you associate the practice of Santhara fasting unto death?
A) Jainism B) Sikhism C) Shintoism D) Buddhism
Ans: A) Jainism
10(12,50,000): The cricket Test series played between India and England in India is contested for which trophy?
A) Pataudi Trophy B) Anthony de mello trophy C) M A Chidambaram Trophy D) Gooch Gavaskar Trophy
Ans: B) Anthony de mello trophy
Anthony De Mello trophy instituted in 1951 in the name of the first secretary of the BCCI, recognizing his contribution to Indian cricket
Ques : Which of these tourist attractions is situated on an island ?
A. Ellora Caves B. Ajanta Caves C. Kanheri Caves D. Elephanta Caves
Ans: D. Elephanta Caves
4(40,000): Which of these actress is married to a professional golfer?
A) Chitrangada Singh B) Celina Jaitly C) Esha Deol D) Ayesha Takia
Ans is Chitrangada Singh married to Indian golfer Jyoti Randhawa
5(80,000): According to the Devi, Bhagavata, from the tears of which god is the rudraksha tree believed to have been created?
A) Vishnu B) Shiva C) Nhrama D) Kamadeva
Ans is B) Shiva
6(1,60,000): Which of these is a chemical element present in the periodic table?
A) Eurocium B) Americium C) Asiacium D) Africium
Ans is B) Americium
7(3,20,000): Which of these world champions is a parent of twins?
A) Sushil Kumar B) M C Mary Kom C) Vishwanathan Anand D) Gagan Narang
Ans: B) M C Mary Kom
8(6,40,000): Which of these is not a work of Kalidas?
A) Raghuvamsham B) Meghadutam C) Vikramorvasiyam D) Kadambari
Ans: D) Kadambari
9(12,50,000): What was the first ministerial portfolio held by Indira Gandhi?
A) Home Affairs B) Information & Broadcasting C) Science & Technology D) Education
Ans is B) Information & Broadcasting

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 54 – January 18 2013

GBBJ Question from 18/01/2013 (Friday)
In the Film ” OMG Oh My God ” Kanji Bhai filed a case against whom for the damage of his shop due to an earthquake ?
Option : A) Bharat mata B) Parliament ( Bhartiya Sansad ) C) Mumbai city D) Bhagwan ( God )
Ans: D) Bhagwan ( God )
9(12,50,000): What is the new name of the Hyderabad franchise that would replace Deccan Charges in IPL6?
A) Sun Chargers B) Nizam Jyothi C) Andhra Aces D) Sun risers Hyderabad
Ans: D) Sunrises Hyderabad

10(25,00,000): In India, under which Union Ministry does the ‘Rajbhasha Vibhag’ function?
A) Home Affairs B) HRD C) Culture D) Law & Justice
Ans A) Home Affairs
Fastest Finger First Question :
Ques : Arrange these mountains peaks in decreasing order of their height above sea level
A. Kanchenjunga B. K2 C. Mount Everest D.Nanda Devi
Ans : C-B-A-D
1(5000): According to a proverb, what is said to be ‘the mother of invention’ ?
A. Society B. Problem C. Science D. Necessity
Ans : D. Necessity
2(10000): Floor exercise, vault, and uneven bars are events in which sport ?
A. Synchronised Swimming B. Gymnastics C. Skating D. Wrestling
Ans : B. Gymnastics
3(20000): Which actress got married to Siddharth Roy Kapur in 2012 ?
A. Prachi Desai B. Lisa Ray C. Vidya Balan D. Sushmita Sen
Ans : C. Vidya Balan
4(40000): Which among these is an Island country ?
A. Yemen B. Maldives C. Oman D. Peru
Ans : B. Maldives
6(160000): what has been e currency of Greece sine 2002?
A. Euro B. peso C. Drachma D. Lira
Ans. A. Euro
7(320000): Which constituency does Abhijit Mukherjee represents in the 15th Lok Sabha ?
A. Jadavpur B. Birbhum C. Jangipur D. Midnapore
Ans: C.Jangipur
8(640000): which Indian sportsperson was awarded the “order of Australia” award in 2012?
A. Saina Nehwal b. sachin tendulkar c. Sania mirza d. Rahul dravid
Ans. b. sachin tendulkar
9(1250000): Which incarnation of Vishnu appeared when the demon king Bali ruled the entire universe ?
A. Rama B. Varaha C. Vamana D. Parashurama
Ans: C: Vamana
10(2500000): to whom did Ravindranath Tagore dedicate his book ‘visva parichay’ written on science?
A. C v raman b. jagdish chandra Bose c. P c Roy d. Satyendra nath Bose
Ans. d. Satyendra nath Bose
11(50000): Which of these ships was not part of Christopher Columbus’s first voyage in 1492 ?
A. Nina B. La Gorda C. Pinta D. Santa Maria
Ans : B. La Gorda
FFF. Starting from the earliest, arrange these actress in the order in which their first film was released?
A. Sonakshi. Sinha b. John chawla c. Sara Banu d. Kajol

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 53 – January 13 2013

GBBJ Question from 13/01/2013 (Sunday)
Which god is also known as “Dasrath Nandan’?
A: Ram B: Agni C:Ganesh D: Karthikeyan
Ans: A: Ram
5(80000): which of these devices convert alternating current or AC into direct current or DC?
A: Inverter B: Transformer C; Rectifier D: Transmitter
Ans: C; Rectifier
6(160000): Who won the formula one Indian Grand Prix for the second time on 2012?
A; Kimi Raikkonen B: Lewis Hamilton C: Jensen Button D: Sebastian Vettel
Ans; D: Sebastian Vettel
7(320000): Most of the world’s population of the greater one-horned rhinoceros inhabits which national park in India?
A; Manas National Park B: Kaziranga National Park C: Kanha National Park D: Gorumara National Park
Ans; B: Kaziranga National Park
8(640000): Which of these terms in not named after a Nobel Laureate?
A: Raman Effect B: Chandrasekhar Limit C: Ramanujan number D: Sen Index
Ans: C: Ramanujan number
1(5000): which of these proverbs means “to get very frightened”?
A: Dimaag Phirna B: Jee Jalna C: Roo Kampna D: Aankhen Churana
Ans: C: Roo Kampna
2(10000): Which of these geometrical shapes has the least number of sides?
A: Cube B: Pentagon C: Square D: Triangle
Ans; D: Triangle
3(20000): Which of these folk songs derives its name from the name of Hindi month?
A: Kajari B: Chaiti C: Sohar D; Hori
Ans: B: Chaiti
4(40000): In the Mahabharata, what art did Eklavya teach himself by practising in front of a status of Dronacharya, who he considered his Guru?
A: Mace Fighting B: Spear Throw C: Sword Fighting D: Archery
Ans; D: Archery
6(160000): Sachin tendulkar playes his last one day international match against which country?
A: Australia B; Sri Lanka C: Pakistan D: England
Ans: C: Pakistan
7(320000): Who among these is maternal grandson or granddaughter of Dr.Zakir Hussain, the third president of India?
A: Salman Khurshid B: Khurshid Alam Khan C: Ghulam Nabi Azad D: Najma Heptulla
Ans: A: Salman Khurshid
8(640000): Which of these is a part of the name of a tiger reserve situated in Bihar?
A: Janaki B: Mahavira C: Valmiki D: Ashoka
Ans; C: Valmiki
9(1250000). In the context of space exploration, what does the P in PSLV stand for?
A: Planet B: Polar C: Power D: Point
Ans: B: Polar
10(2500000): Which of these constituencies has been represented in the Lok Sabha by a father and daughter both?
A: Amethi B: Sasaram C: New Delhi D; Gwalior
Ans; B: Sasaram
Jagjivan Ram in (1962) and his daughter Meira Kumar (in 2004)

Today’s Questions from KBC 6 – Episode 52 – January 12 2013

GBBJ Question from 12/01/2013 (January 12)
What do we call a person “Who speaks less”?
A) Mitmai B) Mithvaii C) Mithbhashi D) Mithashi
Ans: C) Mithbhashi
 5(80000): The largest organ of the body is
A: Large Intestine B: Skin C: Liver D: Stomach
Ans: B: Skin

6(1,60,000): During his tenure as Chief minister, who once said that he dreamt of turning Mumbai into a Shanghai ?
A) Vilasrao Deshmukh B) Ashok Chavan C) Sushil Kumar Shinde D) Sharad Pawar
Ans is A) Vilasrao Deshmukh
7(3,20,000): Which of the following are Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus all types of?
A) CloudsB) Ocean Currents C) Winds D) Hurricanes
Ans is A) Clouds
8(6,40,000): Which of these sports events is named after a place?
A) Tennis B) Soccer C) Marathon D) Squash
Ans is C) Marathon
9(12,50,000): In 1610, who first observed the planet Saturn through a telescope?
A) Galileo Galilei B) Nicolaus Copernicus C) Giovanni Cassini D) Giordano Bruno
Ans is A) Galileo Galilei
10(25,00,000) Which of these politicians has been the Presidents of the Indian National Congress for the longest period?
A) Jawaharlal Nehru B) Indira Gandhi C) Rajiv Gandhi D) Sonia Gandhi
Ans is D) Sonia Gandhi
11(50,00,000): In 1846, what was bought by Gulab Singh from the British for Rs 75 lakhs?
A) Simla B) Kumaon C) Kashmir D) Garhwal
Ans is C) Kashmir
12(1 Crore): What was the name of India’s first test tube baby developed using IVF technique by Dr Subhas Mukherjee?
A) Lakshmi B) Saraswati C) Kali D) Durga
Ans is D) Durga
Subhash Mukhopadhyay (Bengali: সুভাষ মুখোপাধ্যায় Shubhash Mukhopaddhae) (January 16, 1931 – June 19, 1981) was a physician from Kolkata, India, who created the world’s second and India’s first child using in-vitro fertilisation, Durga who was born 67 days after the first IVF baby in United Kingdom.
He created history when he became the first physician in India (and second in the world after British physicians Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards) to perform the In vitro fertilization resulting in a test tube baby “Durga” (alias Kanupriya Agarwal) on October 3, 1978.
Question Worth Rs. 5 Crore :
13(5 crore) : Who is the first woman to successfully climb K2, the world’s second highest mountain peak ?
A. Junko Tabei B. Wanda Rutklewicz C. Tamae Watanabe D. Chantal Mauduit
Ans : B. Wanda Rutklewicz
FFF: Arrange these words in the correct order to form the slogan of the Pulse Polio campaign in India
A: Zindagi B: Ki C: Do D: Boond
1(5000): Which of these idioms means ‘go ahead’?
A: Annkh dikhana B: Laal Peela Hona C: Dum Hilana D: Hari Jhandi Dikhana
Ans: D: Hari Jhandi Dikhana
2(10000): By adding which of these words with ‘kamal’ will you get the name of a vegetable?
A: Kheera B: Gajar C: Kakdi D: Mooli
Ans: C: Kakdi
3(20000): In which of these games does a player need to enter the opponent’s court to get them out?
A: Kho-Kho B: Kabaddi C: Boxing D: Judo
Ans: B: Kabaddi